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Land Rover Defender Rebuild

I really enjoy driving land rover defenders. For my high school graduation gift, my father bought be a beat up defender 90 with the condition that I would rebuild it into a new truck with him. I took the old beat up land rover defender 90 and took it completely apart and using salvageable and …

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December Song of The Month

“Mr. Blue Sky” By Electric Light Orchestra I have been thinking of this song because of all the rain in Atlanta recently. It always makes me feel happy, even on the worst days. Mr. Blue Sky Song

Some Short Films I Like

After seeing the oscar nominated animated short films, I have begun to enjoy watching them. I have listed a few of my favorites “Paperman” By Walt Disney Animation 2012 This short film is one of my favorites. The short film is a story of a man in love. Paperman Short Film “The Missing Scarf” Narrated …

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Welcome To My Blog!

Hello Everyone! I am starting this blog. It will cover all sorts of things based on my interest so the possibilities are limitless on what I will post.