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Kennesaw State University– Marietta Campus

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Certificate in Facility Management

Expected Graduation Summer, 2021

Work Experience:

Utility Engineer

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

(January 2019 – Present)

  • Perform maintenance, cleaning and repair on HVAC equipment (Motors, actuators, valves, sensors, belts, etc)
  • Maintain and repair plumbing systems such as toilets, sinks, water heaters, sump pumps, etc.
  • Painted and performed decorative repair work on walls, doors, floors, and miscellaneous furniture, fixtures, or equipment
  • Repair and upgrade lighting system elements including bulbs, ballasts, sockets, and wiring.
  • Troubleshoot and repairer a variety of door, lock, and hardware issues
  • Clean, maintain, organize, and inventory maintenance shop and mechanical room spaces
  • Provide support for events such as HVAC control, lighting control/setup, electrical/internet line running, etc.

Facilities Maintenance Technician I

The Fox Theatre

(November 2017- January 2019)

  • Documented aspects of facility such as locations and schedules of electrical panels, utility disconnects, maintenance departmental procedures, fire & life safety equipment, HVAC equipment, F&B equipment, and more.
  • Assisted with management of maintenance department and led department in absence of senior management.
  • Redesigned and added to the Fox Theatre Maintenance Department Operations Manual.
  • Created a binder with all building permits and when they need to be updated.
  • Organized, documented, & performed maintenance on parts of the building’s key, door, and lock system
  • Created weekly maintenance department schedules.
  • Maintain the building’s SDS files and assisted with placing permit orders(street/lane/sidewalk/dumpster) with the city.
  • Performed inventory and placed building part orders as well as contractor calls
  • Created a simple to use venue contact sheet for all contractors, companies, contacts, and staff.
  • Maintained operations department physical & digital file systems, work order system, & energy star portfolio manager.
  • Analyzed lighting and electrical fixture issues and resolved problems (bulb, wiring, etc.)
  • Controlled & performed light maintenance chillers, boilers, and other HVAC systems for events
  • Worked on plumbing fixtures(sinks, toilets, etc) changing parts, fixing leaks, and other general maintenance.
  • Participated in the Incident Command Team (ICT) and responded to maintenance calls for equipment and building issues
  • Performed maintenance on and arranged theatrical seating

Student Maintenance Assistant               

The Paideia School             

(August 2013 – August 2017)  

  • Setup(tables, chairs, equipment,etc. ), run, and cleanup assorted events in gym, theater, and other indoor and outdoor event spaces.
  • Perform janitorial services across campus
  • Perform light building maintenance and carpentry
  • Paint
  • Assemble/move/mount/fix furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Perform basic electrical work(change lightbulbs/fixtures, ballasts, outlets, & switches)
  • Perform light plumbing work(unclog drains, toilets & fix faucets)
  • Maintain theater facility including its grid, stage, auditorium lighting, seats, curtains, choral risers, shells, and cleanliness of theatrical equipment(dimmer rack, projector, stage lighting/equipment, & light/sound boards)
  • Setup and run theatrical equipment for events.
  • Escort fire alarm, sprinkler, & and extinguisher annual service technicians around campus.
  • Be the lead on and/or delegate to other student assistants summer maintenance requests for students to complete.
  • Document aspects of facilities as needed(lights out on campus, location/functionality of emergency lighting, location of fire extinguishers, etc)
  • Unlock/Lock buildings, classrooms, and other areas as needed.

Performance Support

Ballet Institute of Atlanta/ Summer Dance Company

(October 2016-August 2017)

  • Setup for performances, clean facility, and maintain/retape dance floor.
  • Help with load In/out for performances at rental facilities
  • During performances, serve as crew, parking manager, and videographer as needed

Community Service:

Amateur Radio Club @ Kennesaw State University

  • Re-established the club and served as president to get the club and its office running again
  • Developed relations inside and outside the university
  • Installed new radio equipment in the office and worked on developing emergency amateur radio communication for the university.

Atlanta Track Club

  • As a Ham Radio Operator, assist with communications during ATC events.

The Paideia School

  • Theatrical: Student Technical Director, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Projection Designer, House Manager, Spotlight Operator, Electrician, Carpenter, Stage Crew, & Light/Sound Board Operator for assorted shows and performances. Clean, Organize, and Document Theater Facilities.
  • Technology: Assist technology department with computer or printer setup, equipment troubleshooting, software installation, hardware installation, and other tasks as necessary.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Kennesaw State: Dean’s List Multiple Semesters
  • Paideia School: Headmaster’s Award
  • Paideia School: Golden Tin Can Light Award (Technical Theater)

Special Skills

  • CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified
  • Ham Radio (Amateur Extra) License
  • FEMA NIMS ICS 100,200,300,700, & 800