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Maintenance Services:

Building General Maintenance

Documenting facility systems(Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, HVAC, etc)

Electrical: Ballast, lightbulbs, outlets, light switch, emergency lighting, and fixture/wiring troubleshooting

Plumbing: Working on sinks, toilets, urnals, etc changing parts, fixing leaks, and other general maintenance

HVAC: Performed light maintenance(changing filters, belts, oil, etc) on chillers, boilers, and other HVAC systems. Control HVAC for events

Doors/Locks: Installation and maintenance of a variety of door system components from panic bars, electronic latches, handles, spindles,  knobs, mortise hardware, deadbolts, etc. Maintenance, installation, documentation, & re-keying of cylinders/cores(Kwiset, Schlage, Keymark, etc)

Carpentry: Create and repair wood, metal, and masonry fixtures

Painting: Painting of walls, floors, ceilings, etc. and patching of  holes

Maintenance of Theatrical Equipment (grid, stage, auditorium lighting, seats, curtains, choral risers, shells, dimmer rack, projector, stage lighting/equipment, & light/sound boards)

Assemble/move/mount/fix furniture, fixtures, or equipment

Janitorial Services: Sweeping, Dusting, Moping, Vacuuming, Window Cleaning, Unclog toilets/drains, Etc

Historic: Work on a variety of historic devices

Facility Operation Services:

Obtaining permits needed for lane, street, sidewalk, etc closure

Maintaining building permits (occupancy, elevator, fire equipment, boilers, etc)

Leading a team of maintenance technicians


Contractor and Vendor Management

Assist with building emergencies and participate in an ICT.

File system(digital and physical) maintenance and upkeep

Work order(CMMS) management

Energy Star Portfolio Manager Database Entry

Theatrical Services:

Production, Stage, and House Management

Lighting, Set, Sound, and Projection Design

Electrician Work

Carpentry Work

Sound, Lighting, and Projection Operation

Crew Work

Theater Cleaning 

Event Services:

Setup (Tables, chairs, etc.)

Greeting & Giving Directions

Checking People In

Running of Sound/Video equipment

Recording of Event

Driving/ Picking Up Supplies

Explaining How Technology Works to Guests if Using an App for Event