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Theatrical Services:

Production, Stage, and House Management

Lighting, Set, Sound, and Projection Design

Electrician Work

Carpentry Work

Sound, Lighting, and Projection Operation

Crew Work

Theater Cleaning & Maintenance

Facility Services:

Janitorial Services: Sweeping, Dusting, Moping, Vacuuming, Window Cleaning, Unclog toilets/drains, Etc.

Building Maintenance

Basic Electrical: Ballast, lightbulbs, light switch, emergency lighting, and fixture/wiring troubleshooting



Maintenance of Theatrical Equipment (grid, stage, auditorium lighting, seats, curtains, choral risers, shells, dimmer rack, projector, stage lighting/equipment, & light/sound boards)

Small Repair

Assemble/move/mount/fix furniture, fixtures, or equipment

Documenting facilities

Event Services:



Greeting & Giving Directions

Checking People In

Running of Sound/Video equipment

Recording of Event

Driving/ Picking Up Suplies

Explaining How Technology Works to Guests if Using an App for Event